Dave Anderson, Ph.D.

Dr. David Anderson

Dave Anderson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Chair
Chemistry & Biochemistry

Scholarly Interests

VGCLDr. Anderson's work is in the area of chemical education, with special emphasis on the use of technology in teaching and learning. His course materials are now delivered entirely over the Web; he uses PowerPoint, Web material, clickers, and other software in the classroom; and he has pioneered the use of generative software for discovery learning in class and in lab. Most recently he has created:

  • The Virtual Organic Laboratory, a series of interactive exercises that give students the opportunity to perform reactions and techniques they would not normally experience in the undergraduate laboratory
  • The Virtual General Chemistry Laboratory – again, experiments that might not otherwise be possible in a traditional laboratory setting: five involving radioactivity and three involving gas laws
  • CHIPS (Chemistry Interactive Problem Solver), a truly interactive program to help general chemistry students learn how to set up and solve problems