Graduate Student Resources

Graduate Student Resources

Resources for Graduate Students

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry provides abundant resources and support to graduate students, including research and teaching assistantships, publication opportunities, and faculty support in seeking doctoral programs or career opportunities.

I decided to earn my MSc in Chemistry at UCCS because I love chemistry and hands-on scientific research. During my time as a UCCS graduate student I’ve had the opportunity of working on and learning about a range of exciting problems in chemistry, each of which has strengthened the foundation of knowledge I acquired from coursework as an undergraduate.

Graduate Courses

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Research and Publications

Our faculty represent all sub-disciplines of chemistry and are dedicated to supporting student research and professionalization.

Our graduate students coauthor publications with their faculty mentors, conduct research as part of faculty research labs, and present at local and national conferences. Our hallways are filled with student-led posters, and graduate students work in all of our labs. Many of our students have won awards to cover their research expenses and travel needs.

Learn more about individual faculty specializations here and about the work going on in our labs by clicking below.

Financial Support

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has a limited number of $15,000 annual Graduate Teaching Assistantships available. Application for these is a competitive process, and recipients are required to teach four labs over the course of the year (two each in the fall and spring semesters). Please see the Graduate Teaching Assistant Handbook for more information on responsibilities and resources.

Additional graduate student financial support opportunities, including research fellowships and scholarships, are listed in this document. Please contact Dr. Carlos Diaz, our Graduate Program Director, for more information.

Where Graduates Are

Recent graduates of our program work for the following companies and institutions:

logos of companies employing recent Chem & Biochem graduates

Graduates who chose to enter PhD or medical programs are currently studying at top institutions around the country. Learn more here.

Applying to the Graduate Program

Students choose to earn an MSc for a variety of reasons. An MSc in Chemistry or Biochemistry is a great option for students who:

  • Want to pursue leadership roles in industry
  • Desire to strengthen critical thinking and writing skills before applying to professional programs in medical, dental, or pharmacy school
  • Are interested in pursuing a PhD one day but are not ready to make the commitment to a 4+ year-long doctoral program, but know the value of graduate education
  • Serve as secondary-education teachers and desire to strengthen the depth and breadth of their training in chemistry or biochemistry
  • Are interested in teaching at the college-level

We offer the MSc–Chemistry option and MSc–Biochemistry option. For both options, a student can fulfill the requirements of the research track with completion of a thesis or complete the requirements of the course track (non-thesis).

Students apply through the Graduate School website for the MSc program. For AMP applicants, start by filling out your AMP Intent Application and Department AMP Application.

The extraordinary support and mentorship I received as an undergraduate researcher made it feel like a community of scientists helping each other grow. I knew then that UCCS was the place to help cultivate my love of science into a career, so I chose UCCS to pursue a Master of Sciences in Biochemistry.
I wanted to invest in my future, whatever it may hold, and getting my MSc at UCCS seemed like a great way to do just that. I appreciate the opportunity to hone my critical thinking skills while also gaining very valuable research experience.


If you are unable to find answers to your questions here, please contact Dr. Carlos Diaz, our Graduate Program Director for Chemistry & Biochemistry.

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