Janak Paudyal, PhD

Dr. Janak Paudyal

Janak Paudyal, PhD

Chemistry & Biochemistry
CENT 276

Biographical Information

Dr. Paudyal earned his master's degree in physical chemistry from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. He then joined Florida International University for his graduate school and post-doctoral research training. He has a long experience in teaching lower-level undergraduate chemistry courses. As a bio-analytical chemist, he is also interested in teaching upper-level undergraduate or graduate-level analytical chemistry courses. His research interest is in the intersection of biochemistry, nanomaterials, and analytical chemistry. Specifically, he is interested in utilizing metal nanoparticles along with other bio-nanomaterials for the detection and quantification of DNA, protein and small molecules in biofluids.

Research Information

Our focus is on the development of simple, fast, and easy-to-use analytical methods for the analytes of biological significance such as glucose, hydrogen peroxide, dopamine, NADH, etc. We research to exploit various properties of nanomaterials (enzyme-mimicking (nanozyme), electrocatalytic, and optical) to develop new assays. The newly developed assays are also validated by comparing them with the established GC/LC-MS-based methods.


Ph.D., Florida International University, 2016