Al Schoffstall, PhD

Dr. Al Schoffstall

Al Schoffstall, PhD

Chemistry & Biochemistry
CENT 240

Research Interests

AMSDr. Schoffstall's lab research is in the area of synthetic organic chemistry that features modern methodologies using transition metal catalysts to produce polycyclic organic compounds that have specific spatial relationships. Another goal is to produce synthetic analogs with the potential for application to new routes to medicinal compounds. Our pedagogical laboratory research has led to publication of an organic laboratory text, now in its second edition. We have received support from the NSF for laboratory innovations centered on guided inquiry learning. These changes have helped modernize our laboratory curricula and updated our laboratory instrumentation in the undergraduate laboratory program.

Curriculum Vitae


  • Franklin and Marshall College, Chemistry, B.S., 1960
  • State University of New York (Buffalo), Organic Chemistry, Ph.D., 1966
  • State University of New York (Buffalo), Organic Chemistry, Post-doctoral; 1965-1966
  • University of Illinois (Urbana), Organic Chemistry, NIH Fellow, 1966-1967

Appointments (all in Departments of Chemistry)

  1. University of Colorado (UCCS) Professor, 1977-; Asst-Assoc. Prof., 1967-1977
  2. Emory University, Atlanta, GA Visiting Professor, 1987-1988; 1989-1990
  3. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, Visiting Professor, 1977
  4. University of Maryland, College Park, MD Visiting Associate Professor, 1975-76