NSF REU Project

NSF Grants - REU Project

REU Project - Green Chemistry in Colorful Colorado

NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program NSF CHE-1156932

This REU program promotes summer research projects in green chemistry. Projects for 2015 include:

  • the synthesis of polyfunctional ligands for environmental remediation using click chemistry
  • investigation of ruthenium molecules as water splitting photocatalysts
  • thermodynamic and computational investigation of ligand-enzyme binding energies
  • preparation of carbon nanotubes

two students present their research

Students participate in a number of professional development activities, gain presentation skills, and attend a seminar on greener fireworks complete with demonstration.

UCCS is located in beautiful Colorado Springs, on the front range of the Rocky Mountains. Hiking through the spacious Colorado Rockies on scenic trails may be an appealing way for participants to spend their free time. The program will recruit regionally, with a particular focus on recruitment of students from institutions with limited or no research opportunities available, and students from underrepresented groups, especially those in tribal colleges in Colorado and regionally.

We hope participation in the program will encourage students to complete their undergraduate education and continue on to graduate school. A major goal is to increase awareness of sustainability and Green Chemistry to the next generation of scientists to enhance our global competitiveness. We aim to create a life-long support community for REU students composed of the other REU students and faculty mentors, to help these students achieve their educational and career goals.