Chemistry or Biochemistry, MSc - Research Track

Chemistry or Biochemistry, MSc

Research Track

Program Delivery

On Campus, Online, Hybrid

Total Credits

30 Credits

About the Program

The Master of Sciences (MSc) with options in Chemistry or Biochemistry is a Master’s degree program with a research (thesis) specialization track. The program provides students with advanced courses in analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry. Research areas include those above and environmental chemistry. The degree program is designed for students who desire a research degree and advanced coursework.

The objective of the research track (thesis) MSc program is to provide extensive training in research, with options in Chemistry or Biochemistry. This degree track is intended for students whose career goals align with obtaining a research or technical position in the industry, seeking additional graduate training in a doctoral program, or desiring to strengthen critical thinking and scientific writing skills.

Focus of Study

Upon completion of the research track MSc, students will be able to:

  • Explore graduate-level coursework in chemistry or biochemistry to increase depth and breadth within disciplines of chemistry or biochemistry,
  • Describe recent advances in chemistry or biochemistry,
  • Develop a hypothesis, design experiments to test that hypothesis, and carry out experiments with an evaluation of resultant data,
  • Hone research skills and develop best practices regarding laboratory notebook upkeep and data management,
  • Communicate clearly in written and oral formats,
  • Search for, read critically, evaluate, and summarize peer-reviewed manuscripts in the scientific literature, and
  • Identify, discuss, and propose solutions for scientific problems.

Program Requirements

During the application process, the student applicant should identify a potential research mentor (see list above). To be admitted to the program, a research advisor must agree to the student applicant working in their research program.

Admitted research track students will work with their research advisor and the Graduate Program Director to develop a proposed course schedule of 12 credits (four graduate-level courses, see example program plan above) and a thesis committee. The thesis committee consists of the student’s research advisor and two or three faculty members appointed to the Graduate School faculty. At least one other committee member must be a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and the remaining faculty member may be in a closely allied department. The thesis committee will advise the student through the program requirements including research progress, two required seminars in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry seminar series (Introduction to Project and Plan to Finish), and will administer the thesis defense required for the MSc degree.

Additionally, the research track program has the following requirements:

  • All courses must be taken at the graduate level.
  • Students take three one-credit courses: CHEM 6010 (Research Methods – Fall only), CHEM 6020 (Journal Club – Spring only), and CHEM 6030 (Project Seminar – Fall only).
  • Of the remaining 27 credits of the program, research track students must take:
    • Twelve credit hours of coursework (at least nine credit hours must be taken in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry)
    • Nine credit hours of research (CHEM 5904)
    • Six hours of thesis (CHEM 7000)
  • Thesis defense exam (open to the public)

Program Coursework

  • 3 one-credit courses: CHEM 6010 (Research Methods – Fall only), CHEM 6020 (Journal Club – Spring only), and CHEM 6030 (Project Seminar – Fall only).
  • 12 credits of graduate-level laboratory or lecture courses, nine of which must be in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry (CHEM 5000-level)
  • 9 credits of research (CHEM 5904)
  • 6 credits of thesis (CHEM 7000)

For details on program coursework, please visit the Academic Catalog.

Admission Details

Admission to the MSc program requires that the student meet the following requirements:

  • Has attained a Bachelors degree in chemistry, biochemistry, or related major* (students in related majors must complete core requirements of UCCS BA degrees in chemistry or biochemistry) from an accredited college or university, and
  • Has an undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher for regular admission or GPA of 2.75-3.00 for provisional admission.

International students: The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry welcomes you! We will accept either path for demonstrating English proficiency for non-native English speakers seeking admission to the program:

  • Bachelors or post-secondary degree from a US-accredited institution or program where English is the language of instruction, or
  • Demonstrated proficiency in English with earned scores of 100 on the TOEFL, 7 on the iELTS, or 120 on Duolingo.

Application Deadlines:

Fall Semester April 15th
Spring Semester September 15th