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Chemistry & Biochemistry at UCCS

About the Department

The UCCS Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry provides a comprehensive foundation in the theory and practice of chemistry and biochemistry.

The course of study includes the areas of analytical, inorganic, organic, physical chemistry, and biochemistry, preparing students to analyze chemical problems, apply modern theories of chemistry, and conduct experiments to solve real-world problems through critical thinking.

Our majors can apply for advanced studies in graduate school, professional programs in medicine and dentistry, and careers in teaching, industry, and government that require a bachelor's degree in chemistry.

Chair's Welcome

A Message from the Chair
Dr. David Anderson

The faculty and staff of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry pride ourselves on our commitment to student success and providing a positive educational experience for all our students. As stated in our campus Core Values, "We will seek the development of a multicultural campus environment in which each person contributes unique talents to make the university a better place and, in turn, is fully valued and supported.” Our goal is to recruit and foster a diverse group of people and thereby strengthen our pursuit of excellence in academics and research. We work closely with our students to support them in pursuing careers in chemistry-based sciences, including chemistry and biochemistry research, medicine, medical research, dentistry, pharmaceuticals, and teaching, to name a few. We care about our student community and want to give you the tools for success whatever your future path after college.

Dr. David Anderson

Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Academic Focus

Chemistry is the science of substances - their composition, structure, properties, and interactions. Chemistry helps explain the world and its workings; chemists have contributed a great deal to the technical advances of society and have made many important contributions to modern life.

Everything is made from one or more chemical elements that occur in nature. Chemists use different kinds of chemical processes to make the elements found in nature more useful, and they create countless products that make our lives healthier, easier, and more enjoyable. There are as many specializations as there are areas of application of chemical principles.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide undergraduate and graduate students with the fundamentals of chemistry and biochemistry coupled with tools for lifelong learning and professional success. We achieve this in several ways:

  • Teaching our students fundamentals of chemistry and biochemistry, and fostering problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills.
  • Supporting faculty as teaching and research scholars who involve undergraduate and graduate students in original research projects. We encourage our students to collaborate in faculty-led research from early in their college careers, and many publish in scientific journals as undergraduates.
  • Being student-focused and devoted to undergraduate student success.

DEI Statement

Accessible and DEI-centered education is a key tenet of a free society. We seek to provide means to success and remove barriers to access so each individual can reach their ultimate professional potential. Our students will be faced with solving current and future challenges, and they will need to draw from the wisdom and knowledge of a global ecosystem to solve problems in new ways. 

Our success as a department relies on our ability to welcome, engage, and respect the perspectives of all our students, staff, and faculty. We invite and encourage all willing individuals to join us in the pursuit of scientific solutions to the important problems we face. As educators and leaders in our professional disciplines, we have a responsibility to foster an environment that drives necessary and positive changes

Core Values

  • Student Success - Our faculty are student-centered and dedicated to student success in our classes and research labs. We strive to give undergraduate and graduate students the tools they need to become lifelong learners and to be successful professionally.
  • The Pursuit of Knowledge - We focus on teaching students the fundamentals of chemistry and biochemistry. Our students learn about the natural world through the study of chemistry in both the classroom and the laboratory.
  • Research, Integrity, and Professionalism - Undergraduate and graduate research is key to learning about the chemical world and is critical to our mission.
  • Green Chemistry - Our faculty strive to develop new chemical methods and techniques with an eye towards environmentally friendly methods and sustainability in chemistry.
  • Diversity - We value diversity in faculty and students, and strive to provide a sense of inclusiveness for all persons.