Graduate Training in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Graduate Training in Chemistry & Biochemistry


We welcome your interest in the Master of Sciences programs in Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCCS! We offer the MSc–Chemistry option and MSc–Biochemistry option. For both options, a student can fulfill the requirements of the research track with completion of a thesis or complete the requirements of the course track (non-thesis).


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What are the course requirements of the MSc?


Do I have to take the GRE?
What should I include in my personal statement?
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What is the AMP? Am I eligible?
Who should write a letter of recommendation on my behalf? What should it include?
Can I complete the MSc degree part-time, or are only full-time students admitted?
Is there financial support for MSc students?
I have a BS in Biology, and I want to apply to this program. In order to be eligible, I need to complete the core requirements of a BA in Biochemistry. What are those requirements?
How do I find a research mentor?
What does a program plan for the MSc look like?
Can I switch between the research and course tracks?
Can I switch from the Biochemistry to the Chemistry program?
Can I switch research advisors?
What is a thesis committee?
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