Future Students

Dedication to the student: UCCS is not for us; it is for you, the student. We are here to help in any way possible.

The faculty and staff of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry want you to succeed here and after you leave us. Let us all work together to ensure the best preparation possible for you and your classmates


The pursuit of knowledge and professional success begins here.


Our mission is to provide undergraduate and graduate (M.Sc.) students with the fundamentals of chemistry and biochemistry, and tools for lifelong learning and professional success.


We achieve our mission by:

  • Teaching our students fundamentals of chemistry and biochemistry, and fostering problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills. We want to give you the tools for success whatever your future path after college.
  • Our faculty are teaching and research scholars who involve undergraduates and graduate students in original research in chemistry and biochemistry. Our students work closely with our faculty, and many of them publish in the scientific literature. Students are encouraged to be involved in faculty-led research and may start early in their college careers.
  • All of our faculty are student-focused and truly devoted to undergraduate studies and student success. We specialize in undergraduate education and use the latest methods of instruction. We encourage student-based learning through use of modern teaching technology. Towards these ends we maintain a close working relationship with the Science Center and with the Student Success offices.

Advising and Mentoring:

  • Faculty are keenly aware of advising issues that arise owing to our many degree options, course prerequisites, and requirements. We offer advising sessions each semester during registration to help you stay on track with your courses.
  • Faculty also mentor students to help with placement in graduate or professional programs, internships, research experiences, and interview and resume-writing skills.

Core Values:

  • Student Success - Our faculty are student-centered and dedicated to student success in our classes and research labs. We strive to give undergraduate and graduate students the tools they need to become life-long learners and to be successful professionally.
  • The Pursuit of Knowledge - We focus on teaching students the fundamentals of chemistry and biochemistry. Our students learn about the natural world through the study of chemistry in both the classroom and the laboratory.
  • Research, Integrity, and Professionalism - Undergraduate and graduate research is key to learning about the chemical world and is critical to our mission.
  • Green Chemistry - Our faculty strive to develop new chemical methods and techniques with an eye towards environmentally friendly methods and sustainability in chemistry.
  • Diversity - We value diversity in faculty and students, and strive to provide a sense of inclusiveness for all persons.


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